Monday, March 19, 2012

Two sons

There's a story behind these:

Our two sons are grown and we live thousands of miles from one another.  When one of them saw my post about Roubo bookstands, he asked that I make two from a single board, one for him and one for his big brother.  I happened to have a piece of figured walnut that I had been saving for something special.  Although somewhat small, I had already decided to size them for e-readers/tablet computers anyway.  I am pleased with how they turned out.

These are special to me.  My sons are both bibliophiles and I know they will use them.  More than that, they maintain closeness.  My son asked that I sign them, something I have never done.  Years ago, my wife gave me a small branding iron of my initials that I haven't used until now.  You have to look for them--they're inside the front leg facing backwards--but they're there.


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    1. Shaun,

      I am sorry that I accidentally deleted your comment and can't retrieve it. Thank you for your compliment.

  2. The stands are beautiful!

  3. I really like these, and the stain you chose. The smaller projects are usually the most fun for me. Thanks for sharing.