Monday, February 4, 2019

More boxes

I have made no secret of my disinterest in making dovetailed boxes but, as luck would have it, my two granddaughters were here for the holidays and asked me to make them each a box.  How are you going to turn down 5 and 7 year old little girls?  So, reluctantly, I made two cherry boxes with sliding lids.  Nothing to see here, except...

My wife had an idea.  Why not use Scrabble pieces to put their names on the lids?  I liked it, and that's what I did, sticking them in place with epoxy:

For whatever reason, I decided to make a couple of larger shop boxes from some bigleaf maple scraps for something I'll write about later.   The world doesn't need another blog post about making boxes but there is one aspect that may be of interest.  Here they are under construction:

To escape the clouds and cold rain in Portland, we spent a week at Morro Bay in southern California.  The weather was absolutely fantastic, near 70 each day.  After hours at the beach and riding my bike, I came back to our campsite for some woodworking.  Even I enjoy making boxes under these conditions. 


  1. The scrabble tiles are a great touch.

  2. Olive Lucy. That was a TV show way back when.

  3. Andy,

    My first reply was either lost in the ozone or offensive, not sure which ;-). Bottom line I like the tiles and will steal it for the next grandpeaqnut box.

    1. Now I'm really curious. What did you write?