Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse for Woodworkers

Before I share an image, some background is in order.  We are avid fans of the Portland Timbers MLS soccer team.  Our team mascot is a lumberjack named Timber Joey.  After every goal, he uses a chainsaw to cut a slice off a large log and then he holds it aloft.  After the game, the slices are awarded to the players who scored the goals.  The goalie is also given a slice for a "clean sheet," meaning no goals scored.

A fan named Brent Diskin tweeted a graphic image combining this familiar event with the eclipse.  Here it is:

Original tweet

Maybe you have to be a Timbers fan to like this a lot, but I think it's great.  I am sure it is destined to become a t-shirt and I want one.


  1. Andy,

    Good story. Good graphic image,

    How is the table coming along?


  2. Ken,

    The table is coming along fine. I finished flattening the top and filled the cracks with epoxy. I have gone slow to give it a full second summer of drying. It seems dry but I don't have a moisture meter.