Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Saw tote

In a recent post, I wrote that I intended to take my saws off the lid of my tool chest and put them in the removable tote that stores in front of the tills.  I had two reasons for this, first, that I find them inconvenient to use from the lid and, second, that I have more saws than will fit on the lid and I want to keep my saws together.

Before I describe my saws, let me anticipate your reaction by acknowledging that I don't need ten saws; I want ten saws.  My rule is that if I have used a tool from my chest at least a few times in the past year, it stays and, if not, it is relegated to secondary storage.  Ten saws pass this test.  It's true that I could get along without ten saws and, if I need space for a higher priority tool, I'll cut back.  In the meantime, I want space for all ten.

The ten saws are pairs of handsaws, panel saws and backsaws (rip and crosscut), a dovetail saw, a flush cut saw, a coping saw and a dozuki.

 If I were to get rid of any saws, they would be the handsaws and the dozuki.  I bought a nice pair of panel saws at a garage sale only because they were $5 apiece and, to my surprise, I have become very attached to them.  I use them much more than I use the handsaws.

I was really scratching my head trying to squeeze all ten saws into the tote, but I managed, except for the flush cut saw, which is small anyway:

Four of these saws were stored in the tills previously, so this really frees up a lot of space in them.  The chisels were already there and the panel saws fit, so I left them.

I think I am going to be very happy with this arrangement.  The one concern I have is dinging up the handles, but my best saws are in the middle and, if I pay attention, I think I can avoid it.

Here is what the till looks like in the chest:


  1. I'm not a chest guy, but this looks good. Any thoughts of making compartments for the top till? I personally don't like that many tools being able to bang around together like that.

  2. Hi,
    I like your idea. That's a good way to store your saws.
    Maybe I will adopt that idea for my shop. I haven't got enough space for a saw rack. But your tote seems to be handy.

  3. That's a really neat idea. I think I'll do something like that, except possibly alternating the handles. Then I could finally fit my fancy back saws... Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks good. Wouldn't alternating the handles have let you pack them in closer?

    Jim B

    1. Jim,

      Yes, alternating the handles would allow them to be packed in considerably tighter and arguably make the saws easier to remove from the till. My till is designed so that the saws can be alternated if I want to but of course I made the spacing sufficient to accommodate all the saws oriented in the same direction. I think they might be easier to use this way. I know I didn't like the handles alternating when they were on the lid. I think it is a tradeoff between space utilization and convenience.

  5. Ralph,

    I don't like the top till that way either. I am going to figure out what to do with the lid now that the saws aren't on it and then I'll deal with this.