Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another stocking stuffer

As I mentioned, Chris Schwarz got me thinking about this subject, inexpensive items that I have run across and really like that would make great stocking stuffers for woodworkers.  Lately I've been seeing videos of good woodworkers using small hammers with rubber or plastic tips for assembly and I have been watching for one.  Here's a small 6 oz. one that I ran across by chance at my local Sears:
It has hard plastic and soft rubber replaceable tips and a comfortable hickory handle. At just $9.99, it's a bargain and is just right for gentle persuasion during assembly.  They also have a 12 oz. version if you want more heft.  I understand several other companies make similar products.

It appears from his videos that Paul Sellers uses something like this for assembly but a 4 oz. mallet like this one with replaceable nylon tips with his chisels, so maybe you'll want to ask for/get your favorite woodworker both:

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