Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saw bibliography

I think it might be useful to provide a bibliography for those wanting to learn more about restoring and maintaining saws.  Below are the references I recommend.  I hope that you will add to them by posting additional ones in the comments.

--Matt Cianci's website devoted to sharpening, maintenance and use of handsaws.

--Bob Rozaieski does a great job using and teaching others about vintage tools.  In addition to this podcast about saw sharpening, he restores and sharpens handsaws for others.

--Lots of information about saws, this site also contains templates for a variety of ppi that are very helpful for restoring and/or retoothing saws.

--Saws and accessories for sale.  Contains a good primer on saw filing.

--The authoritative reference on Disston saws.

 Hand Saw Sharpening, by Tom Law

--A highly regarded DVD

Popular Woodworking Hand Saw Value Pack

--Three DVDs, including two about handsaw maintenance by Ron Herman and one about building a saw bench with Christopher Schwarz

Saw Sharpening by Paul Sellers

--An online video (requires free registration).

Lie Nielsen saw sharpening videos  (rip and crosscut)

--Two videos by the owner

Daryl Weir's tutorial on saw restoration

--Daryl restores and sells vintage saws.


  1. Blackburn Tools is a good one.

  2. I made a similar list here:

  3. Andy, Good resources. You may want to look up Two Guys in a Garage They sell pre-toothed saw plates and have templates for saw totes that you can download from their site. I made a tote for a Disston #7 panel saw out of a piece of claro walnut I had this past week and it looks great.