Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tool Chest Links

Dean has been kind enough to try to provide a number of links to resources about tool chests in comments, but they don't appear for some reason. In edited form, they appear below.  From time to time, I'll add other links to this, so please let me know if you find something of interest.  I won't repeat links which I have posted earlier.

From Dean:

Replicating the Seaton Tool Chest by David Nelson – This is very detailed, and runs 23 web pages.
Note: From David’s web pages “Since the drawings I have did not show any detail of the saw till I used a drawing of the till on the Duncan Phyfe tool chest.” I’m hoping that the newly published Benjamin Seaton tool chest book will have these details.    Note from Andy:  The book on the Seaton tool chest to which Dean refers is this one. 

This is not as detailed as David Nelson’s web pages, but you can download the instructions at the bottom of the page which does have a drawing of the tool chest parts.

And don’t forget the Duncan Phyfe’s tool chest.
Measured drawings of Phyfe’s tool chest.

An interesting book section (only a short portion of the book is shown). Just scroll or page down until you get to page 28. Page 16 has two pictures of Duncan Phyfe’s tool chest.  Note from Andy: This is the book by Jim Tolpin which I referenced earlier and which I highly recommend.  Here is a link to The Anarchist's Tool Chest by Chris Schwarz as well. 

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