Monday, December 19, 2011

Nicholson saw bench?

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to have a pair of saw benches.  I find that it would be nice to have a second saw bench when I am sawing longer stock and I would also like them to do double duty as the base for a temporary low assembly table.  Today I did an internet search for saw benches and came upon the following at Kari Hultman's The Village Carpenter blog (used with permission):
Her post about it is here.  Kari had done the same thing I did this morning:

"I searched the internet this morning for saw bench plans and settled on one built by Dan Klauder, who found inspiration in Alex Bealer's Old Ways of Working Wood."

I did a double take.  Does this bear an uncanny resemblance to my bench or what?  It has the same major elements as a Nicholson workbench.  Not surprisingly, I really like this design and a pair will serve my purposes very well.  In addition to being a simple, easy to construct design, I think it has a number of advantages over the saw-horse-like one I have now.

So, to Alex Bealer, Dan Klauder and Kari Hultman, thank you.  Check out the book and the blogs.


  1. You are very welcome Andy! I'm glad it was helpful. Nice blog too.

  2. You could extend the saw slot down the legs if you made them of plywood. Or you could do the same to real wood legs if you made removable supports like butterflies routered into the top (there's a good chance you'd hit them with the saw a time or two so why not make them replaceable).