Thursday, December 1, 2011

A boring experience

I hadn't realized that my bench will have 72 holes for holdfasts or bench dogs.  That's a lot of holes to bore with a brace and bit.  However, the 60 in the sides and legs are done.  My Goodell Pratt brace worked very smoothly and I was eventually boring quite quickly and accurately.  I wanted to get all the holes in before starting assembly in order to make sure the transverse bearers don't conflict and I think it is easier to bore accurate holes vertically.

The sides and legs, except for installing the stretchers in the mortises, are done.  I'm gluing the 2x6 ledgers to the sides before I attach the legs to the sides so I can butt the legs up very tight to them.  These ledgers really beef up the sides, provide a stable base for the transverse bearers and help to stabilize the legs.  Soon she'll be on her feet.

Postscript:  After finishing, I decided I wanted to sharpen the bit before boring the holes in the top and I don't have an auger bit file.  None of the suppliers I checked had them.  Tools for Working Wood told me that the manufacturer has discontinued them.  Lee Valley's site says, "This product is no longer available."  I finally found one at Lie Nielsen.  Hopefully, this is temporary but it doesn't augur well.  :)  You may want to get one while you can.


  1. The Nicholson auger bit files look to be readily available.

  2. Oops. For some odd reason, the Google shopping search above, though showing the Nicholson file, provides links to mainly Singer sewing tape measures

  3. I think they still are available. My concern is that, if the manufacturer discontinued them, they may not available for long. Don't know, but if you have bits, it seems like you should get a file asap.

  4. I ordered a few from Lie Nielsen just in case. Their price was considerably less than Highland Hardware, another source. Thanks for the heads-up.